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Deacon Clinton Jones

US Army Retired

Senior Financial Manager for US Army

"I believe the BYOB Movement has unselfishly put together a force that is finanically impacting. Wtih the expansion of Kingdom Currency lives are going to be  financially changed worldwide!"

Dan Sharpe Jr

Financial Advisor

The BOB Movement exists to help change this and Kingdom Currency, in my opinion, will be instrumental in chagning, not only the lives of investors but the lives of people in the underserved and underfunded communities we care about so deeply. That is why I believe in this project."

Dr Lonnie Reid

2016 NASA Hall of Fame Inductee
Ohio Hall of Fame Inductee
"BYOB Kingdom Currency is a vital ingenious component in the greatest wealth building movement of my lifetime!"
  • What is cryptocurrency?
    A digital currency in which transactions are verified and records maintained by a decentralized system using cryptography, rather than by a centralized authority.
  • Are purchases non refundable?
    All transactions are NON REFUNDABLE. There are no refunds. You must transfer your tokens to your wallet after the transaction is complete.
  • How does Kingdom Currency differ from other cryptocurrencies in the market?
    Kingdom Currency was created for kingdom building and philanthropy. Profits will support our 4 pillars; HCBUs, Ministries, Veterans and Green Initiatives.
  • How do I set up Metamask?
    Please click the link to see instructions to set up a Metamask account.
  • How do I import tokens to Metamask?
    Please click the link to see the instructions to import tokens into metamask.
  • What is the BYOB2812 Kingdom Currency contract address
    0x8090C5AE1E7Cb3fA559cb4C6018092C7df2D4522 Find a contract address
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